The Stage

Kerry Gooderson provides a succession of scene-stealing cameos, not least Andy's nemesis Katie, so convincingly ghastly you have to restrain yourself from stepping out of the audience and giving her a good slap

Daily Mail

Kerry Gooderson's Emily has a coquettish twinkle

The Guardian

a good performance from Kerry Gooderson as Little Em'ly, casually destroyed by Steerforth

The Irish Times

And many of the cast deserve praise - Kerry Gooderson in particular, who performed well as a nasty little sister, a psychologist and a puppeteer

Birmingham Post

an A with a special B (for 'boo') to Kerry Gooderson's sly, sad and hilarious stepsister

Scarborough Evening News

Kerry Gooderson is superb as Andy's "squeaky step-sister" Katie, the body language devastatingly apt

The Bardathon

The star of the show, however, was Katie, played by Kerry Gooderson